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Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heating Elements

Ceramic Infrared Heaters
Clockwise from upper right: HSE, FTE, HFE, FFE, LTE heaters (HTE, QFE and ESE are not shown.)

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  • 96% infrared energy efficient.
  • Maximum temperature of 1292F (700C.)
  • Heating wire embedded into flat or concave shaped heater creates infrared in either focused or parallel rays.
  • 12 month warranty against burnout. (Estimated life in excess of 10,000 operational hours.)
  • and UL UL listed. (UL-USA and UL-Canada) (up to 240 Volt only)
  • CE In compliance with all implemented EU requirements.
  • Watt densities vary from 6.45 w/in2 to 38.71 w/in2 (1 w/cm2 to 6 w/cm2.)
  • Bulk packaging available for large orders.
  • Ceramic tubes over power lead wire within mounting tower increases the dielectric strength between the lead wire and mounting clip preventing a potential fault to ground.
  • Ordering Information
  • Logos and Artwork
  • single piece mounting clip One single piece mounting clip is supplied with each heater ordered (a two piece clip is also available).
  • Pin terminals Pin terminals are standard.
  • Ring terminals Ring terminals optional.
  • Spade terminals Spade terminals optional.
Cool Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heating Element Logo

All of our heaters also have a heat sensitive (color changing) decal on the front of the heater that gradually changes from red to black as the heater increases in temperature, and it returns to red when cool. Our ceramic heaters are available in standard white or a yellow temperature-sensitive glaze which changes color when energized. The yellow glaze will start to turn to a butterscotch/brown color at approximately 200°F (93°C). The temperature change occurs between 200-500°F (93-242°C.) We provide these elements with our color changing decal as well which changes from red to black (transition temperature is approximately 400°F (205°C).

Hot Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heating Element Logo
Hot (> 400F (205C))

Reflectors and Panels:
Ceramic heaters are placed in a variety of reflectors to be used individually or as multiples in panels.


  • Replaceable (Type J or K) spring-loaded interchangeable thermocouple.
                thermowell boreRequires optional thermowell bore.
  • (FRK), cast-in "fast-response" (Type K) thermocouple (FRK), cast-in "fast-response" (Type K) thermocouple

Technical Information:

ALEX Reflector Installation & Maintenance Instructions

Adobe Acrobat Reader (You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.)

UL and CE Approval Declarations
Technical Manual Covering Forms of Infrared Heat, Radiant Emission Patterns, Panel Design, Infrared Heating Basics, Infrared Energy, Emissivity, Electromagnetic Radiation, Infrared Spectrum, Stefan-Boltzmann Law, Planck's Law, Wien's Law, Surface Temperature and Radiation Emissions, Emitter Surface Temperature, Spectral Absorption Curves, Physical Properties of Materials, Reference Data, Estimating Power Requirements, Thermoforming and Water Evaporation.

Almost anywhere a non-contact heat source is needed, including heating, curing, cooking, and drying.  Though ceramic, the elements are fairly rugged and are more durable than quartz, and cleaning is easy, with their splash-proof, non-corrosive, glazed finish, which also makes them the ideal choice for use in food handling, medical facilities, or other antiseptic applications.  The large variety of sizes, shapes, and watt densities allows ceramic elements to be highly useful in zoning arrangements such as plastic thermoforming where complex heating patterns are needed.

Private Labeling
Private labeling of decals with the customers logo or name and part number in either black or our red temperature indicating ink, is available.  The customer must be willing to purchase large quantities of decals (at least one 11" x 17" sheet is the minimum order.)  One sheet contains approximately 580 decals of 8 pt. Arial Bold font.  Larger fonts will have less decals per sheet.  You may also provide your own camera ready artwork in .
eps, .pdf, .bmp, .tif, or other formats.  A 1.5" x .5" logo will be approximately 112 decals per sheet.  The maximum size is about 1.5".

FTE (Full Trough Emitter)

FTE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

FTE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Back side with 6" leads

Recommended distance of 8" (200mm) to material being heated.
Suitable for 90% of normal applications

Drawing of FTE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

FFE (Full Flat Emitter)

FFE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

Recommended distance of 4" (100mm) to material being heated. 
For special applications, close work and thin plastics

Drawing of FFE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

HTE (Half Trough Emitter)

HTE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

Recommended distance of 8" (200mm) to material being heated.

Drawing of HTE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

HFE (Half Flat Emitter)

HFE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

Recommended distance of 4" (100mm) to material being heated.

Drawing of HFE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

HSE (Half Square Emitter)

HSE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

Recommended distance of 4" (100mm)

Drawing of HSE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

LTE (Large Trough Emitter)

LTE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

For special applications and also used in the CRP panel.

Drawing of LTE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Drawing of LTE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Click here for a larger image

LTE Elements - More for Less
There are advantages from using extra large ceramic elements, which are manufactured by only a few ceramic heater makers.  Ceramic heater manufacturers worldwide have standardized on the regular sized emitters in order for the variety of finished products to be able to be used interchangeably.  Since the product originated in Europe, the standard size element was made to metric measurement which often times creates problems in adapting to American machines.  The engineers at Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc. designed the LTE element and Ceramic Radiant Panel (CRP) to get maximum watt density in a square foot area with a "building block" design for panel construction or single use.  Panel makers are now discovering that using LTE elements in large panels enable them to cover a specific area with less elements.  Less elements means less handling, less electrical connections, fewer elements to zone and lower maintenance.  Because LTE elements cost more than the standard size, actual savings from using large trough emitters is experienced through time and labor saved.  The other advantages come from improved watt density, because larger elements, placed closer together, leave fewer gaps.

QFE (Quarter Flat Emitter)

QFE Ceramic Infrared Heater

Drawing of QFE Ceramic Infrared Heater
Special order only - 20 piece minimum order.
Recommended distance of 4" (100mm) to material being heated.
Standard wattages: 50, 150, 250
2.36" x 2.36" (60 mm x 60 mm)

Ceramic Infrared Heater Literature Literature in .pdf format (12 Pages, 3.5 mb) (You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.)

Optional Controls and Accessories:
Payne Controls Company 18TP-1-15, 120 Volt, Variable Voltage Control. Portable solid state power control, single-phase, 50/60 Hz input, 15 amp fuse, 6 foot plug & cordset.   All solid state construction.  Lighted on/off rocker power switch.  270 turn potentiometer variable control of output voltage: 0-95% of input. On-board "2 millisecond" fuse self- protection. Payne Controls Company 18TP-2-15, 240 Volt, Variable Voltage Control. Portable solid state power control. single-phase, 15 amp fuse, 6 foot plug & cordset. 3600 watts @ 240 volts (maximum rated voltage).  All solid state construction.  Lighted on/off rocker power switch.  270 turn potentiometer variable control of output voltage: 0-95% of input. On-board "2 millisecond" fuse self- protection.

Payne Controls Company 18TBP-1-15, 120 VAC Input, Variable Temperature Controller adjusts heat output from 0-100%. 0-118 VAC Output, 50/60Hz.

Payne Controls Company 18TBP-2-15, 240 VAC Input, Variable Temperature Controller adjusts heat output from 0-100%. 0-235 VAC Output, 50/60Hz (Also for 220/230 VAC Input)

Chromalox CH Infinite Control Mechanism. Up to 15 Amps on 120 or 240 Vac. (1,800 & 3,600 Watts)  0-100% of wattage with infinite control over the first 50% of total wattage.  Energized continuously in HI position, at other settings it delivers selected input level under control of a simple bimetal timer.
Chromalox VCF Percentage Timing Input Controller.   Flush mounted controller.  Motor Driven Cycling Device, 115 & 230 Vac, 20 & 25 Amp Capacity.  Percentage timing can be set to energize a heater for a chosen percentage (4-100%) of a preset 15 or 30 second cycle. Chromalox 1601E 1/16 DIN Digital Temperature Control with Configuration Port.  Built-in Programming Port for Remote for OEM Fast Configuration. Programming w/o Internal Hardware Switch. SMART Self-Tuning with Fuzzy Logic. Heat, Cool or Heat/Cool Control Capability. Universal Inputs TC, RTD. Soft Start Power Limiting on Power-Up
Chromalox 1603E Digital 1/16 DIN Temperature Control with Configuration Port. Built-in Programming Port for Remote for OEM Fast Configuration.  Programming w/o Internal Hardware Switch.  SMART Self-Tuning with Fuzzy Logic.  Heat, Cool or Heat/Cool Control Capability. Universal Inputs TC, RTD. Soft Start Power Limiting on Power-Up Chromalox 1604 1/16 DIN Temperature Control, Dual 4-Digit Display of Process and Setpoint, Three Outputs, Heater Breakdown Current Monitoring Alarm, Universal Inputs: TC, RTD, Voltage and Current, SMART Self-Tuning with Fuzzy Logic, Soft-Start Power Limiting on Power-Up.
Chromalox 2110 1/4 DIN Temperature Control. 10 Amp Solid State Relay, 20 Amp Mechanical Relay, J, K Thermocouple, or RTD Selectable Inputs. Chromalox 2104 1/4 DIN Digital Temperature and Process Controller.  Dual PID & Fuzzy Logic Control, Control Loop Protection, Five Outputs-Control, Alarm or Event. Universal Sensor Inputs: TC, RTD, Voltage and Current. Switching Power Supply 100-240 Vac or 12-24 Vac/Vdc, 50/60 Hz.
Chromalox 3101 1/4 DIN High/Low Digital Limit Controller.  Compact, fully programmable high or low limit controller.  One High/Low Limit Control Output.  Peak Temperature Display, Universal Sensor Inputs, Switching Power Supply 100-240 Vac or 12-24 Vac/Vdc Mercury Contactors/Relays 20, 35, 60, 80, 100 and 150 amp Mercury Relay Contactor Power Controls
Avatar Instruments SCR Power Controllers.  High performance proportional controls for industrial electric heaters: 10 - 600 Amp, 24 - 600 volt, Single or three phase. Infrared Sensors Non-contact temperature detection.   Pre-Calibrated Infrared Thermocouples, Stainless Steel, Mounting holes with screws, Airpurge/Aircool

Electrical Power Wire MG and TGGT sizes 4 gauge through 22 gauge, 600 volt, 842F (450C), fiberglass overbraid.

Thermocouple Wire 20 gauge, thermocouple grade stranded wire and extension grade wire

  Ceramic Wire Connectors. A cone connector for high temperature applications.  Ribbed design for easy use. Used in electrical, heating and cooking appliances. Large skirt opening permits fast wire entrance during hand or power drive assembly
Rated 300 volts maximum. Listed as pressure type connectors for joining solid and/or stranded wire
Protective Sleeving (Fiberglass) Secondary insulation of electrical wires in high temperature applications. Fiberglass Protective Sleeving (Very High Temperature, Heat Annealed). In temperatures as high as 1200F

Insulation (Ceramic Fiber) Alumina-silica insulation. 1" or 1/4" thick x 48" wide for use in infrared panels. Exceptional handling strength, while being flexible and lightweight. It is rated to 2300F (1260C.)

Terminal Blocks Make wiring connections to heaters efficient and easy with a touch safe design.  1, 2, 3 or 4 Pole, 5-15 Amps.

How to order ceramic heaters:

Example Catalog #
This designates: FTE Size - 650 Watt - 240 Volt - No thermocouple or Thermowell - 6" Leads - White Glaze - Standard Pin Terminals

Example Catalog #
This designates: FTE Size - 1000 Watt - 277 Volt - FRK thermocouple - 8" Leads - Yellow Glaze - Ring terminals

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Delivery time: typically ships in 1 working day or less plus allow additional time for your selected UPS or FedEx shipping method. Items not currently in stock will show "call for availability" when added to your shopping cart, and will ship in 3 weeks or less for orders of 20 heaters or less and 3-5 weeks or less for orders of greater than 21 heaters. Your shipping cost will be displayed in your shopping cart.

Item ID
Catalog #
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The most common heaters (most likely to be in stock) are listed first:
IRCER10421 FTE-163-120-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10423 FTE-163-240-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10390 FTE-250-240-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10433 FTE-400-120-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10462 FTE-400-240-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10487 FTE-500-120-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10500 FTE-500-240-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10534 FTE-650-120-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10552 FTE-650-240-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10553 FTE-650-240-0-L6-Y-0 Select
IRCER10557 FTE-650-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10572 FTE-650-480-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10573 FTE-650-480-0-L6-Y-0 Select
IRCER11499 FTE-750-120-0-L6-WH-0 Select




IRCER10291 FTE-1000-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER10302 FTE-1000-480-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER11239 HTE-325-240-0-L6-WH-0 Select
IRCER11318 HTE-500-240-0-L6-WH-0 Select
FTE Size, 120 Volt Heaters:
IRCER10319 FTE-150-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER10320 FTE-150-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER10323 FTE-150-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER10324 FTE-150-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER10327 FTE-150-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER10328 FTE-150-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER10421 FTE-163-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 163W Select
IRCER11655 FTE-163-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 163W Select
IRCER11704 FTE-163-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 163W Select
IRCER11468 FTE-200-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 200W Select
IRCER10376 FTE-250-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER10377 FTE-250-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER10380 FTE-250-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER10381 FTE-250-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER10384 FTE-250-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER10385 FTE-250-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER11882 FTE-350-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 350W Select
IRCER10425 FTE-350-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 350W Select
IRCER12082 FTE-375-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 375W Select
IRCER11674 FTE-375-120-TW-L6-WH-R 120V 375W Select
IRCER10433 FTE-400-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER10434 FTE-400-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER10437 FTE-400-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER10438 FTE-400-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER10441 FTE-400-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER10442 FTE-400-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER10487 FTE-500-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER10488 FTE-500-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER10491 FTE-500-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER10492 FTE-500-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER10495 FTE-500-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER10496 FTE-500-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER11937 FTE-60-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 60W Select
IRCER10534 FTE-650-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 650W Select
IRCER11895 FTE-650-120-0-L6-WH-R 120V 650W Select
IRCER10535 FTE-650-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 650W Select
IRCER10538 FTE-650-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 650W Select
IRCER10539 FTE-650-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 650W Select
IRCER10542 FTE-650-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 650W Select
IRCER10543 FTE-650-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 650W Select
IRCER11499 FTE-750-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 750W Select
IRCER12093 FTE-750-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 750W Select
IRCER11637 FTE-800-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 800W Select
IRCER10272 FTE-1000-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 1000W Select
IRCER11623 FTE-1000-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 1000W Select
FTE Size, 240 Volt Heaters:
IRCER10313 FTE-100-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 100W Select
IRCER10332 FTE-150-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER10333 FTE-150-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER10336 FTE-150-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER10337 FTE-150-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER10340 FTE-150-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER10341 FTE-150-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER10423 FTE-163-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 163W Select
IRCER10373 FTE-200-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 200W Select
IRCER11950 FTE-200-240-0-L6-Y 240V 200W Select
IRCER10390 FTE-250-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER10391 FTE-250-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER10395 FTE-250-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER10396 FTE-250-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER10400 FTE-250-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER10401 FTE-250-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER11877 FTE-300-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 300W Select
IRCER11947 FTE-300-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 300W Select
IRCER11887 FTE-300-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 300W Select
IRCER11881 FTE-325-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 325W Select
IRCER10424 FTE-325-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 325W Select
IRCER11880 FTE-325-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 325W Select
IRCER11625 FTE-325-240-FRK-L6-Y 240V 325W Select
IRCER11948 FTE-350-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 300W Select
IRCER10462 FTE-400-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER10463 FTE-400-240-0-L6-WH-R 240V 400W Select
IRCER10464 FTE-400-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER10467 FTE-400-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER10468 FTE-400-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER10471 FTE-400-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER10472 FTE-400-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER10500 FTE-500-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER12073 FTE-500-240-0-L6-WH-R 500W 240V Select
IRCER10501 FTE-500-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER10505 FTE-500-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER10506 FTE-500-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER10510 FTE-500-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER10511 FTE-500-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER11912 FTE-600-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 600W Select
IRCER11949 FTE-600-240-0-L6-Y 240V 600W Select
IRCER10552 FTE-650-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 650W Select
IRCER11506 FTE-650-240-0-L6-W-R 240V 650W Select
IRCER10553 FTE-650-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 650W Select
IRCER10557 FTE-650-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 650W Select
IRCER10558 FTE-650-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 650W Select
IRCER10561 FTE-650-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 650W Select
IRCER10562 FTE-650-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 650W Select
IRCER11656 FTE-750-240-0-L6-WH-0 750W 240V Select
IRCER11951 FTE-750-240-0-L6-Y-0 750W 240V Select
IRCER11715 FTE-750-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 750W Select
IRCER10590 FTE-800-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 800W Select
IRCER10591 FTE-800-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 800W Select
IRCER10595 FTE-800-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 800W Select
IRCER10596 FTE-800-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 800W Select
IRCER10600 FTE-800-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 800W Select
IRCER10601 FTE-800-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 800W Select
IRCER10286 FTE-1000-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 1000W Select
IRCER11923 FTE-1000-240-0-L6-WH-R 1000W 240V Select
IRCER10287 FTE-1000-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 1000W Select
IRCER11554 FTE-1000-240-0-L6-Y-R 1000W 240V Select
IRCER10291 FTE-1000-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 1000W Select
IRCER10293 FTE-1000-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 1000W Select
IRCER10296 FTE-1000-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 1000W Select
IRCER10297 FTE-1000-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 1000W Select
FTE Size, 480 Volt Heaters:
IRCER10345 FTE-150-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER10346 FTE-150-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER10349 FTE-150-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER10350 FTE-150-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER10353 FTE-150-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER10354 FTE-150-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER11874 FTE-200-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 200W Select
IRCER10405 FTE-250-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER10406 FTE-250-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER10409 FTE-250-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER10410 FTE-250-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER10413 FTE-250-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER10414 FTE-250-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER11884 FTE-300-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 300W Select
IRCER10475 FTE-400-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER10476 FTE-400-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER10479 FTE-400-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER10480 FTE-400-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER10483 FTE-400-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER10484 FTE-400-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER10516 FTE-500-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER11892 FTE-500-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER10517 FTE-500-480-0-L6-Y-R 480V 500W Select
IRCER10520 FTE-500-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER10521 FTE-500-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER10524 FTE-500-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER10525 FTE-500-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER10572 FTE-650-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 650W Select
IRCER11946 FTE-650-480-0-L6-WH-R 650W 480V Select
IRCER10573 FTE-650-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 650W Select
IRCER11555 FTE-650-480-0-L6-Y-R 650W 480V Select
IRCER10577 FTE-650-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 650W Select
IRCER10578 FTE-650-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 650W Select
IRCER10581 FTE-650-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 650W Select
IRCER10582 FTE-650-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 650W Select
IRCER11505 FTE-750-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 750W Select
IRCER11508 FTE-750-480-0-L6-WH-R 480V 750W Select
IRCER10604 FTE-800-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 800W Select
IRCER10605 FTE-800-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 800W Select
IRCER10608 FTE-800-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 800W Select
IRCER10609 FTE-800-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 800W Select
IRCER10613 FTE-800-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 800W Select
IRCER10614 FTE-800-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 800W Select
IRCER10302 FTE-1000-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 1000W Select
IRCER11587 FTE-1000-480-0-L6-WH-R 480V 1000W Select
IRCER10303 FTE-1000-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 1000W Select
IRCER10306 FTE-1000-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 1000W Select
IRCER10307 FTE-1000-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 1000W Select
IRCER10310 FTE-1000-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 1000W Select
IRCER10311 FTE-1000-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 1000W Select
HTE Size, 120 Volt Heaters:
IRCER11103 HTE-150-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER11677 HTE-150-120-0-L6-WH-R 120V 150W Select
IRCER11104 HTE-150-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER11108 HTE-150-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER11109 HTE-150-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER11112 HTE-150-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER11113 HTE-150-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 150W Select
IRCER11141 HTE-200-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 200W Select
IRCER11676 HTE-200-120-0-L6-WH-R 120V 200W Select
IRCER11142 HTE-200-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 200W Select
IRCER11145 HTE-200-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 200W Select
IRCER11146 HTE-200-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 200W Select
IRCER11149 HTE-200-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 200W Select
IRCER11150 HTE-200-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 200W Select
IRCER11177 HTE-250-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER11178 HTE-250-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER11181 HTE-250-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER11182 HTE-250-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER11185 HTE-250-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER11186 HTE-250-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 250W Select
IRCER11219 HTE-325-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 325W Select
IRCER11220 HTE-325-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 325W Select
IRCER11225 HTE-325-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 325W Select
IRCER11226 HTE-325-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 325W Select
IRCER11229 HTE-325-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 325W Select
IRCER11230 HTE-325-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 325W Select
IRCER11543 HTE-375-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 375W Select
IRCER11265 HTE-400-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER11266 HTE-400-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER11269 HTE-400-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER11270 HTE-400-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER11273 HTE-400-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER11274 HTE-400-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 400W Select
IRCER11302 HTE-500-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER11675 HTE-500-120-0-L6-WH-R 120V 500W Select
IRCER11303 HTE-500-120-0-L6-Y-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER11306 HTE-500-120-FRK-L6-WH-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER11307 HTE-500-120-FRK-L6-Y-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER11310 HTE-500-120-TW-L6-WH-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER11311 HTE-500-120-TW-L6-Y-0 120V 500W Select
HTE Size, 240 Volt Heaters:
IRCER11863 HTE-100-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 100W Select
IRCER11862 HTE-100-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 100W Select
IRCER11612 HTE-125-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 125W Select
IRCER11117 HTE-150-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER11118 HTE-150-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER11121 HTE-150-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER11122 HTE-150-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER11125 HTE-150-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER11126 HTE-150-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 150W Select
IRCER11153 HTE-200-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 200W Select
IRCER11154 HTE-200-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 200W Select
IRCER11869 HTE-200-240-0-L6-Y-TW 240V 325W Select
IRCER11157 HTE-200-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 200W Select
IRCER11158 HTE-200-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 200W Select
IRCER11161 HTE-200-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 200W Select
IRCER11860 HTE-200-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 200W Select
IRCER11550 HTE-200-240-TW-L6-WH-R 240V 200W Select
IRCER11162 HTE-200-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 200W Select
IRCER11191 HTE-250-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER11192 HTE-250-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER11195 HTE-250-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER11196 HTE-250-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER11199 HTE-250-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER11200 HTE-250-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 250W Select
IRCER11480 HTE-300-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 300W Select
IRCER11864 HTE-300-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 300W Select
IRCER11238 HTE-325-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 325W Select
IRCER11239 HTE-325-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 325W Select
IRCER11240 HTE-325-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 325W Select
IRCER11243 HTE-325-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 325W Select
IRCER11244 HTE-325-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 325W Select
IRCER11247 HTE-325-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 325W Select
IRCER11248 HTE-325-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 325W Select
IRCER11278 HTE-400-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER11279 HTE-400-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER11282 HTE-400-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER11283 HTE-400-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER11286 HTE-400-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER11287 HTE-400-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 400W Select
IRCER11318 HTE-500-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER11319 HTE-500-240-0-L6-Y-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER11322 HTE-500-240-FRK-L6-WH-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER11323 HTE-500-240-FRK-L6-Y-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER11326 HTE-500-240-TW-L6-WH-0 240V 500W Select
IRCER11327 HTE-500-240-TW-L6-Y-0 240V 500W Select
HTE Size, 480 Volt Heaters:
IRCER11129 HTE-150-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER11130 HTE-150-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER11133 HTE-150-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER11134 HTE-150-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER11137 HTE-150-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER11138 HTE-150-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 150W Select
IRCER11165 HTE-200-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 200W Select
IRCER11166 HTE-200-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 200W Select
IRCER11169 HTE-200-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 200W Select
IRCER11170 HTE-200-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 200W Select
IRCER11173 HTE-200-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 200W Select
IRCER11174 HTE-200-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 200W Select
IRCER11203 HTE-250-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER11204 HTE-250-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER11207 HTE-250-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER11208 HTE-250-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER11211 HTE-250-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER11212 HTE-250-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 250W Select
IRCER11865 HTE-300-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 300W Select
IRCER11252 HTE-325-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 325W Select
IRCER11253 HTE-325-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 325W Select
IRCER11256 HTE-325-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 325W Select
IRCER11257 HTE-325-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 325W Select
IRCER11260 HTE-325-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 325W Select
IRCER11261 HTE-325-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 325W Select
IRCER11290 HTE-400-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER11291 HTE-400-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER11294 HTE-400-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER11295 HTE-400-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER11298 HTE-400-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER11299 HTE-400-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 400W Select
IRCER11332 HTE-500-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER11333 HTE-500-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER11336 HTE-500-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER11337 HTE-500-480-FRK-L6-Y-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER11340 HTE-500-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 500W Select
IRCER11341 HTE-500-480-TW-L6-Y-0 480V 500W Select
LTE heaters which are the most common are listed below:
IRCER11848 LTE-500-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 500W Select
IRCER11850 LTE-650-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 650W Select
IRCER11354 LTE-750-120-0-L6-WH-0 120V 750W Select
IRCER11438 LTE-750-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 750W Select
IRCER11450 LTE-750-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 750W Select
IRCER11451 LTE-750-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 750W Select
IRCER11454 LTE-750-480-FRK-L6-WH-0 480V 750W Select
IRCER11353 LTE-1000-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 1000W Select
IRCER11367 LTE-1000-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 1000W Select
IRCER11366 LTE-1000-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 1000W Select
IRCER11379 LTE-1200-240-0-L6-WH-0 240V 1200W Select
IRCER11391 LTE-1200-480-0-L6-WH-0 480V 1200W Select
IRCER11392 LTE-1200-480-0-L6-Y-0 480V 1200W Select
IRCER11399 LTE-1200-480-TW-L6-WH-0 480V 1200W Select

To view the entire list of catalog#'s for a particular heater size, click on the links below:

Custom Heaters:

Manufacturing time: typically ships in 3 weeks or less for orders of 20 heaters or less and 3-5 weeks or less for orders of greater than 21 heaters.

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