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Infrared Heaters and Accessories

Comfort Spot Heaters. Sun-like heating of objects instead of the air for Commercial and Residential Applications. Spot heating locates the heater(s) above the areas you are located. Some heaters use a quartz glass heating element and some use a metal sheath tubular element. Thermoforming / Vacuum Forming Heaters. Plastic sheet forming.  Heating and molding of plastic sheet or film of a variety of thickness and sizes. All of the electric heater options available are listed.
  Pet/ Animal and Agriculture Comfort Spot Heaters. Pet warming, farrowing & finishing, maternity & calving, milking, fowl brooding and kennels. People with pets, pet shops, zoos, breeders, farms, aviaries, kennels, veterinarians, animal parks, dog houses and herpetariums need warming, incubating, heat therapy, brooding, etc. For animal care in the rural pig farm farrowing operations, stall of a thoroughbred race horse, city zoo, traveling circus, veterinary trauma center, etc. Portable Comfort Space Heaters 120-577 Volts. Job-Site Spot Heaters. Spot heating directs the heat to the areas you are located so the air in the entire room is not heated. Infrared heats objects not air, so you are kept warmer even in a relatively cold room.  Plug-In Under Desk Heaters. Fan Forced/Radiant Utility Heater. Suspended Quartz Tube Assemblies.
Qmark Comfort Heaters.  Suspended spot heater . Radiant Plug-In Under Desk Heaters. Radiant Ceiling Panels. Fan Forced/Radiant Utility Heater . Quartz or Metal Element fixture. Heat Lamp Bath Fan. Fostoria Industries Comfort Heaters  Quartz Tube Comfort Spot Heating Assemblies. Overhead "Spot" or "Zone" heating applications. Quartz Lamp Assemblies. Quartz T-3 Lamp Replacement Elements. Portable Comfort Space Heaters. Portable or Suspended Quartz Tube Assemblies.
120 Volt Heaters with a plug and cordset for comfort spot or portable uses. Some heaters use a quartz glass heating element and some use a metal sheath tubular element. Industrial Processing Heaters. Heating, curing and drying of materials. Metal-sheath elements are best used for convection heating needs, such as ovens.  Quartz tubes are best used for radiant applications that need instant on, instant off. Quartz lamps are also instant on and off but made in extremely high watt density. Ceramic elements are best used for processes requiring an even, gentle heat.
H_21.jpg (9683 bytes) Controls, Thermostats and Sensors. Digital process temperature controls. Portable Controls. Snow and Ice detection and Heater Controls. Non-Contact Sensors.

Quartz Infrared Heating Elements. Portable and reflector assemblies.  Comfort spot heating and snow melting. Quartz Tube Assemblies. Quartz Infrared Emitters. Quartz T3 Lamps. Quartz Tubes. Quartz Lamp Assemblies.


Ceramic Infrared Heating Elements. The most efficient infrared heater available. 96% efficient, compared to a theoretical black body, in converting electricity to infrared energy.  Aluminum extrusion housing case pre-wired for 1-5 ceramic heaters. CRP (Ceramic Radiant Panel) Our 12" x 12" stainless steel modular reflector panel with 3 LTE size ceramic heaters.

Metal Sheathed Tubular Infrared Heaters. Reflector assemblies, open coils and portable.  Suspended overhead comfort heaters. Coil-O-Rod Generators. Portable Comfort Space Heaters. Infrared Job-Site Heater. Replacement Elements

Flat-Faced Radiant Panel Heaters (Quartz Cloth, Glass and Aluminum) Used in thermoforming and can be used in most other process heating applications.


Other Types of Infrared Heaters. Ceramic Generators. Heat Lamp Bath Fan. Tile and Stone Floor-Warming System, Radiant Floor and Ceiling Heaters. Ceramic Strip and Band Heaters

Accessories Terminal blocks, reflectors, insulation,  terminal connections, thermocouples, Thermostats and Sensors. Digital process temperature controls. In-line thermostats. Ceramic Wire Connectors. Tape (Fiberglass and Aluminum) Electrical Power Wire, Thermocouple Wire, Ceramic Insulators

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