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Ceramic Infrared Heater Thermocouples

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Controls and Sensors

Replaceable Thermocouple

Replaceable Thermocouple for Ceramic Infrared Heaters
A unique spring formed thermocouple designed by our engineers specifically for our ceramic heaters.

Ceramic Infrared Heater Replaceable Thermocouple

The ungrounded thermocouple is spring loaded and is inserted into a bore (the bore is available by request only) in the mounting post of the emitter.  The sensing tip of the thermocouple is positioned just below the front surface of the emitter, which results in an average surface temperature reading of the emitter.

The replaceable thermocouple mounting hole is positioned in the center of the mounting tower. replaceable thermocouple mounting hole

Replaceable Thermocouple Only Drawings

Replaceable Thermocouple in Element Drawing

Replaceable Thermocouple Side View Drawings

We are the only company to offer the replaceable/interchangeable thermocouple which is available in both type J and type K.  It is independent of the emitter and can be inserted into a drilled thermowell of any Salamander element.  Because of the thermocouples exact and consistent position in the body of the element, it offers a very stable and accurate temperature reading, though slower responding than the Cast-In FRK. The unparalleled flexibility allows for ease of installation, maintenance, and zoning. 

Part #'s:   K-24-A

Miniature Ceramic Plug and Jack for Type K Replaceable Thermocouple

Miniature Ceramic Jack for Type K (K-24-A) Replaceable Thermocouple

Miniature Ceramic Plug for Type K (K-24-A) Replaceable Thermocouple

Also available as a Type J connector for the J-24-A thermocouple.
Part #'s:   

Cast-in Thermocouple (FRK)

Cast-in Thermocouple (FRK)
Click here for a larger image

The cast-in thermocouple wires are the center two wires (covered with ceramic beads.)

These permanent, fast response, cast-in thermocouples are only available in a type K because of limitations in manufacturing (A type J sensor is not be able to withstand the exposure to the high heat in kiln firing.)  The FRK thermocouple is a cast-in type of sensor that is embedded within the element during the manufacturing of the element.  Its position in the body of the element allows the FRK to offer a fast response to changes in the temperature of the heater. This fast response however does not accurately reflect the actual surface temperature of the element. This is due to the fact that the sensor is placed in close proximity to the embedded coil, therefore reflecting the coil temperature rather than the true emission temperature. This is typical of thermocouples throughout the industry. Once this differential temperature is realized, it can be compensated by adjustments in controls.

Part #: Add "FRK" to the element Part #, i.e. FT-650-240-FRK-L6-WH-0

Thermocouple Comparisons
This chart is provided to inform you of the differences between the sensing selections available for use with elements.  Our engineers are available to consult with you on which thermocouples can best serve your unique application.  When looking for accuracy in thermocouple sensing, it should be understood that sensing the temperature of an infrared emitter is initially a relative temperature indirectly related to the process. Once the relationship has been established, the correlation between the process temperature and the infrared emitter temperature can be better understood.



Cast-in (FRK)

Stability of Accuracy

Very Good


Response to Heater Temperature


Very Fast




Accuracy of Temp. of Emitter






Flexibility of Use



Zoning Flexibility



Direct Replacement with other Brands



Ease of Use



Sensor Type Available

J, K



Large Stock

Stocked in Some Elements

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IRTC10003 K-24-A Type K Spring-loaded interchangeable thermocouple for Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heaters with a thermowell bore. Select
IRTC10001 J-24-A Type J Spring-loaded interchangeable thermocouple for Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heaters with a thermowell bore. Select

Female Ultra High Temperature Type K Miniature Ceramic Jack Connector for K-24-A thermocouple (not included).

IRCER11609 SHX-K-M Male Ultra High Temperature Type K Miniature Ceramic Jack Connector for K-24-A thermocouple (not included). Select

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