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Ceramic Terminal Blocks - High Temperature

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Ceramic Terminal Blocks - Very High Temperature

These high quality ceramic terminal blocks make wiring connections to heaters efficient and easy and have a touch safe design. Ovens, furnaces, kilns, infrared heaters, quartz tube heaters, catering equipment, etc.  Fitted with Nickel plated brass connectors, they can withstand 482F (250C)

TB-1 Terminal Block (1 Pole, 5 Amps)

TB-2 Terminal Block (2 Pole, 32 Amps)

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For use with up to a 16mm2 wire.

bullet Dimensions : 35 x 31 x 23 mm (+/-1mm)
bullet Ceramic part characteristics :
material : Ker 110 ceramic glazed 5 sides. (main composition : feldspar ceramic Si02-Al2O3)
bulk density : >2.3 g/cm3
water absorption : 2% (on unglazed side)
flexural strength : 80 Mpa/cm
coefficient of thermal expansion : <6 10-6 mm/C( 20-100C)
volume resistivity : >1010 at 100C
dielectric strength : 10 Kv/mm
bullet Metal parts
screws : M4, Nickel plated steel (Sae1045) . Maximum torque allowed : 1.2Nm
terminals : Nickel plated brass (63.5~68% Cu)
bullet Inscriptions :
Front: 1,2
Back: JPCI 16mm
bullet Fixing :
1 fixing hole dia 5 mm
bullet Maximum ambient temperature, as per EN60730-1(14-1) :
- on ceramic: 425C (800F)
- on nickel plated brass connectors: 230C (445F)
bullet Electrical :
connection holes :dia. 5.5mm,
accept stranded wire up to 5.1 mm dia. (max 10mm or AWG 8)
accept plain wire diameter up to 5.3 mm dia (max 16mm or AWG 6)
Maximum rating : 32A
Voltage : 400V max (insulation distance >6mm between fixing face and live parts, and >6mm between phases)
Applicable standard :EN 60998-1 and EN60998-2-1 (August 1993)
bullet Unit net weight : 55 grs (+/-5 grs)

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IRTB10001 TB1C / 1 Pole Ceramic Terminal Block Select
IRTB10002 TB2J / 2 Pole Ceramic Terminal Block Select

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