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Replacement Parts for Discontinued Solaira AS1200 Series All Season Residential Outdoor Quartz Infrared Patio Heater

We are an authorized distributor for Solaira (Inforesight Consumer Products Inc.)

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Cosy All Weather Quartz Heater.  120 or 240 Volts for outdoor or indoor area’s.  Rain and snow proof120 Volt models have 15' cordset with household plug.
solaira cosy xl Cosy XL All Weather Outdoor Electric Quartz Infrared Heater 120 Volts (with 15' of household plug and cordset) or 240 Volts for outdoor or indoor area’s.  Ideal for outdoor commercial areas such as Restaurants, Clubs and PubsIP65 rated Rain and snow proof High Output, Professional Grade5000 hour emitter life.
Cosy XL All Weather with Lights - All Weather 1500 or 2000 Watt 240 Volt Radiant Overhead All Weather Heater, 22" x 4" 4.5", Silver Finish
solaira alpha h1 50 Alpha High Output Commercial/Industrial Heater for outdoor or indoor area’s (1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 4500 & 6000 Watt), can be installed in tandem for up to 18,000 watts. Rain & snow proof. Safety glass. 120 Volt: Power Cord Length: 15 feet, plug included. 240 Volt: Power cord, Length: 6 feet. plug NOT included (direct wired heater) Terminal box is included
SHP Series Controls. For heater networks requiring greater than 15.5AMP of total draw. High Power Phase-Angle SCR Power Controls Product Range: 110-240 VAC, Single-Phase, 30, 80 , 150 and 350 amps for up to 84,000W Variable Resistance Loads for Infrared Heating Systems.


In the event of heater failure contact us.


· Disconnect the power before commencing any maintenance procedure including cleaning.

· To ensure optimum heat effectiveness, it is recommended that after the heater has been used approximately 80-100hrs, the front glass is opened and both the front glass and the reflector are wiped with a lint-free cloth before resealing.

· If at any time, a white deposit is seen on the inside of the glass or on the reflector, either or both should be cleaned with a lint-free cloth.  Heating element failure due to lack of fixture maintenance are not warrantable and are distinguishable from lack of maintenance by test procedure. Any Heating element being submitted for warranty must be returned for analysis prior to claim being processed.

· The heater is supplied with a toughened safety glass. In the unlikely event that this should become cracked, please contact us for an immediate replacement.

Important: Please follow the maintenance instructions above.  This specifically includes the requirement that you remove white dust accumulation that “could” occur during the initial 80 - 100 hours of use. If this maintenance does not occur, the white dust will essentially “Powder coat” itself to the emitter and WILL reduce the life of the emitter (by as much as 60% based on operating conditions). This maintenance is generally only required once as the initial oxidation only occurs once.

The heat emitter is designed to last for 1000 hours with proper care and maintenance (Please note that your individual usage pattern and location will have some affect on the maintenance requirements and heating element life). Failure could occur within the first 80 - 100 hours should there be no maintenance completed (one or more times removal of dust.Failure due to manufacturing process (Philips) will be evident within this time frame and are covered under warranty.


Primary fixture, wiring and connections are warranted to be free of manufacturers defects for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.

Heat Emitter (Philips HeLeN Bulb) when used for Consumer/Household Applications are warranted for a period of 365 days from the date of purchase. (12-month limited warranty on bulb.)

Heat Emitter (Philips HeLeN Bulb) when used for Non-Residential Applications are warranted for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. (1-month limited warranty on bulb) (In a non-residential application where the heater could be used more frequently, the heat emitter may not last 12 months and should be treated as a consumable item not covered by warranty.)

*This warranty is not applicable to fixtures have been installed incorrectly, altered from original design or have been used for applications other then the intended purpose

**Please follow safety precautions in the instruction manual before opening and cleaning the Solaira Heater. Please ensure that you do not touch the heating element in any location other then near the ceramic ends.

Element Replacement of the spring-loaded quartz lamp emitter is quick (spring-loaded.) Available for purchase below

Optional Controls:
Fostoria FTC-30 30-Minute Manual Timer. Includes time switch, wall plate and knob control. 120/208/240 Volts, 28 Max. Amps.

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SOLAIRA10021 SALG013 Phillips Replacement Element - 240 Volt - 1,300 Watt     Select
SOLAIRA10003 SALG001 Phillips Replacement Element - 120 Volt - 1,200 Watt     Select
AURA10004 AUALG001 Aura Replacement Element - 120 Volt - 1,200 Watt     Select
SOLAIRA10048 SALGBRKT01BLK Black Replacement or extra mounting bracket     Select
SOLAIRA10049 SALGBRKT01WHT White Replacement or extra mounting bracket     Select
SOLAIRA10060 R7XS Replacement Lamp Socket (single socket fixture for All Season (SALG Series) Solaira Heaters. (2) sockets are needed per heater - one of each side of fixture.)     Select
SOLAIRA10005 SALGLASS001 Replacement Glass     Select
Optional Controls:
MARKEL445955 FTC-30

Fostoria 120/208/240 Volt 30-Minute Manual Timer


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