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Custom Open Coil Element Metal Wire Heaters

Nichrome Wire 10 Foot Open Coils - 10 foot lengths (Unstretched), 17-22 Gauge
Nichrome-60 uncoiled wire sold by the foot

Ceramic Insulators for use with coils

We fabricate custom made open coiled elements with Nichrome, Kanthal and other types of resistance wire. See the list of  heating wire below to determine which gauge you want coiled. Open coil elements are used extensively in convection heating applications, as replacement coils in duct heaters and air process heaters, as well as in some infrared applications such as thermoforming.

Open Coil Metal Heating Elements
Nichrome-60 wire coiled to your specifications. Other gauges, Nichrome alloys and types of resistance wire such as Kanthal are also available.
Part #:
Specify Coil Diameter, Gauge and Resistance (Ohms.) See table below.

Nichrome-60 wire (NiCr60 Type 675 Nickel Chrome Alloy)
Nickel: 57-58%, Chromium: 16%, Silicon: 1.5%, Iron: Balance
Part # AWG. (Gauge) Diameter Ohms/Foot at 68F Feet/Lb.
24GA-NI60 24 .0200" 1.671 882
22GA-NI60 22 .0253" 1.055 557
21GA-NI60 21 .0285" .8310 438
20GA-NI60 20 .0320" .6592 348
19GA-NI60 19 .0359" .5208 275
18GA-NI60 18 .0403" .4219 223
17GA-NI60 17 .0453" .3333 176
16GA-NI60 16 .0508" .2595 137

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