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Chromalox T-3 Short-Wave Quartz Halogen Lamps

Chromalox Electric Heaters and Controls
We are an authorized Chromalox® distributor.

Chromalox® 3/8" (9.53 mm) diameter quartz lamps. These lamps produce near infrared radiation with a peak wavelength of approximately 1.16 mm (microns) for a wide range of commercial and industrial heat applications. A coiled tungsten resistor is supported by round tantalum spacers which center the resistor in a quartz sheath. Filament is sealed into each end of the sheath. Seals are limited to 650°F (343°C) so forced air cooling of terminals may be required in some installations. Sheath is exhausted and filled with inert gas. White cotton gloves should be worn when handling quartz elements. Never touch elements with bare hands because oils and contaminants from the skin could be deposited upon the quartz sheath and would cause hot spots and possibly premature failure.

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Part #'s: Specify model, PCN, kW, volts and quantity:

kW Volts Overall
Length (A)
Length (B)
Model # Used with these
quartz heating assemblies
114614 0.5 120 8-13/16" 5" 500T3  QR-5B130, -5B131
114278 1 208 13-13/16" 10" 1000T3 QR-10B830, -10B831, LN-15AL, LW-15AL
114286 1 240 13-13/16" 10" 1000T3 QR-10B230, -10B231, LN-15AL, LW-15AL
114294 1.6 208 19-13/16" 16" 1600T3 QR-16B830, -16B831, LN-21AL, LW-21AL
114307 1.6 240 19-13/16" 16" 1600T3 QR-16B230, -16B231, LN-21AL, LW-21AL
114315 2.5 480 28-13/16" 25" 2500T3 QR-25B430, LN-30AL, LW-30AL
114323 2.5 600 28-13/16" 25" 2500T3 QR-25B630, LN-30AL, LW-30AL
114331 3.8 570 41-13/16" 38" 3800T3 QR-38B63Q, LN-43AL, LW-43AL, LC-4
LN-43AL, LW-43AL, LC-4

Model # 500T3 may be used in vertical burning position. All other models must only be used in horizontal position.

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PCN # Model

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CHROM114614 500T3 120/500 LAMP Select
CHROM114278 1000T3 208/1000 LAMP Select
CHROM114286 1000T3 240/1000 LAMP Select
CHROM114294 1600T3 208/1600 LAMP Select
CHROM114307 1600T3 240/1600 LAMP Select
CHROM114315 2500T3 480/2500 LAMP Select
CHROM114331 3800T3 600/3800 LAMP Select

Other Chromalox® products are available upon request. Chromalox® is a registered trademark.

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