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Solaira Cosy All Weather Outdoor Quartz Radiant Infrared Heater, 1.5 kW, 120 or 240 Volt

We are an authorized distributor for Solaira (Inforesight Consumer Products Inc.)

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solaira cosy xl Cosy XL All Weather Outdoor Electric Quartz Infrared Heater 120 Volts (with 15' of household plug and cordset) or 240 Volts for outdoor or indoor area’s.  Ideal for outdoor commercial areas such as Restaurants, Clubs and PubsIP65 rated Rain and snow proof High Output, Professional Grade5000 hour emitter life.
solaira alpha h1 50 Alpha High Output Commercial/Industrial Heater for outdoor or indoor area’s (1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 4500 & 6000 Watt), can be installed in tandem for up to 18,000 watts. Rain & snow proof. Safety glass. 120 Volt models have 15' cordset with household plug. 240 Volt: Power cord, Length: 6 feet. plug NOT included (direct wired heater) Terminal box is included
Cosy XL All Weather with Lights - All Weather 1500 or 2000 Watt 240 Volt Radiant Overhead All Weather Heater, 22" x 4" 4.5", Silver Finish
120/240 Variable Volt Control for Quartz Heaters.  Indoor/outdoor weatherproof, digital, solid-state power control adjusts heat output from 10% to 100%. The on/off switch with “SOFT START” feature will bring the power up slowly to the emitter. Up/down controls, heater level on the LED front panel. 115-120 VAC up to 1600 Watt, 208-240 VAC up to 3200 Watt.
SMaRT Control Series Control, Occupancy Sensor, Timer and Remote Control. Digital Variable Control Adjust up to 6kW heater output to desired level. Water Resistant Enclosure For Outdoor or Indoor Applications Wireless Handheld Remote (Optional) Occupancy Monitoring (Optional)
SHP Series Controls. For heater networks requiring greater than 15.5AMP of total draw. High Power Phase-Angle SCR Power Controls Product Range: 110-240 VAC, Single-Phase, 30, 80 , 150 and 350 amps for up to 84,000W Variable Resistance Loads for Infrared Heating Systems.

Available in either:

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fenway park

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* Heat Zone and actual heat density will vary based on mounting height and angle of heater (Overhead mounted heat zones will be different then this guide). Please use this as a guideline only and contact Solaira for a more detailed specifier guide.

Replacement Elements are available for order below


Commercial Umbrella Rib Bracket
Umbrella Rib Bracket for Cosy and XL Heater
Click here for a larger image
Universal cross member bracket for up to 1” dia. cross member

Optional Controls:
Solaira 120/240 Volt Control for Quartz Heaters Variable Heat Controller is a weatherproof, digital, solid-state power control designed to adjust heat output from 10% to 100%. On/off switch, “SOFT START” brings the power up slowly to increase emitter life. Up/down controls with heater level shown on the LED front panel. Installation in both indoor or outdoor applications including wet environments. Controls Quartz lamps or tubes of 115- 120 VAC up to 1600 Watt, 208- 240 VAC up to 3200 Watt.
Fostoria VHC-32 Variable 208/240 Volt Controller. Solid-state power control designed to provide a convenient way to adjust heat output on electric infrared heating elements. Control heaters on patios, in shelter houses or other protected outdoor environments. It can operate up to a maximum of 3200 watts. Not for residential use.
Fostoria FTC-30 30-Minute Manual Timer. Includes time switch, wall plate and knob control. 120/208/240 Volts, 28 Max. Amps.

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120 Volt:
SOLAIRA10037 SCOSYAW15120B Solaira Cosy 120 Volt - 1500 Watt - Black - 12.5 Amps Select
SOLAIRA10039 SCOSYAW15120W Solaira Cosy 120 Volt - 1500 Watt - White - 12.5 Amps Select
SOLAIRA10057 SWIREAW15120 Replacement Element - 120 Volt - 1,500 Watt Select
240 Volt:
SOLAIRA10038 SCOSYAW15240B Solaira Cosy 240 Volt - 1500 Watt - Black - 6.25 Amps Select
SOLAIRA10040 SCOSYAW15240W Solaira Cosy 240 Volt - 1500 Watt - White - 6.25 Amps Select
SOLAIRA10058 SWIREAW15240 Replacement Element - 240 Volt - 1,500 Watt Select
Optional Controls and Accessories:
SOLAIRA10086 SCTR120-240

120, 208 or 240 Volt Variable Controller for Quartz Heaters

FOST485357 VHC-32

Fostoria VHC-32, Variable 208/240 Volt Controller


Umbrella Rib Bracket for use under Commercial umbrellas

MARKEL445955 FTC-30

Fostoria FTC-30, 208/240 Volt, 30-Minute Manual Timer


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