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Fostoria Industries, Inc. Spot Heaters and Controls

We are an authorized distributor for Fostoria Industries, a manufacturer of infrared heating systems.

Spot heating locates the heater above the areas you are located so the air in the entire room is not heated. Infrared heats objects not air, so you are kept warmer even in a relatively cold room. Some heaters use a quartz glass heating element and some use a metal sheath tubular element. Metal heaters last longer, do not emit light, and are not as subject to damage from environmental factors, shock and impact. The advantage of quartz is quick heat up (seconds) and a higher efficiency of infrared. Most types of infrared heaters can be used outdoors, providing it is entirely shielded from rain and wind driven rain. Typically quartz lamp heaters are used because they reach higher temperatures and they are less susceptible to heat loss from wind because of less mass to hold heat which can be lost to a rise in temperature of the air crossing it.

Trimline Quartz Tube Comfort Spot Heating Assemblies. Comfort spot heating. Overhead "Spot" or "Zone" heating applications. Nearly instantaneous heat-up and can provide heat for specific areas within a large, open facility where a forced air heater would require more time and energy to heat. 6' plug and cordset. (120 & 240 Volts) Mul-T-Mount Quartz Lamp Assemblies. Comfort spot heating and snow melting. (208-480 volts) 3 element and 2 element Mul-T-Mount. Total Area Heating, Indoor Spot/Zone Comfort Heating, Outdoor Spot/Zone Comfort Heating or snow & ice control. The units are UL listed for both semi-exposed and completely exposed outdoor areas.
OCH Outdoor/Indoor Trimline Quartz Tube Comfort Spot Heating Assemblies. Overhead "Spot" or "Zone" heating applications. Nearly instantaneous heat-up and can provide heat for specific areas within a large area.  120V-480V 1500-3000W,  two lengths; 46" & 57", Built-in Adjustable Mounting Bracket, allows for a 45-degree tilt of the heater housing, NEMA-4 Electrical Box and Frosted Quartz Tube. RPH Quartz Lamp Assembly. Restaurant patio and golf driving range heater. Ruby Red Quartz Lamp Included. 1600 Watts (208 or 240 Volts) Single-Phase Wiring. Optional Accessory: Wire Guard (RPHWG)  60 Symmetrical Reflector Pattern (Coilzak Bright Aluminum Reflector)
FFH Quartz Tube Assemblies. 900 watt, 120 volt comfort spot heating for residential and commercial applications. Hang by its chains and plug into any 120 volt service with 8 foot grounded cord set. Protective guard and gold anodized aluminum reflectors. FFH heaters are excellent for farrowing applications. FFH Quartz Tube Assemblies. 550 watt, 120 volt comfort spot heating for residential and commercial applications. Hang by its chains and plug into any 120 volt service with 8 foot grounded cord set. Protective guard and gold anodized aluminum reflectors. FFH heaters are excellent for farrowing applications.
Mitey Midget Quartz Lamp Assemblies. Comfort spot heating.  Indoor industrial and commercial comfort heat applications such as: work stations, aisleways, freezer doors, farm buildings, pump houses and smoking shelters. Quartz lamps or tubes HDO Heavy Duty Comfort Heating Assemblies. 120 - 600 volts. Metal sheath elements. Fostoria Heavy Duty Infrared Heaters are for use in factories, warehouses, maintenance areas, machine shops and any application that exposes the fixture to shock and vibration. Fostoria's u-shaped metal sheath elements are stable and more shock resistant than quartz lamps or tubes.
Quartz T-3 Lamp Replacement Elements. 3/8" diameter clear or red quartz envelope. Pigtail lead wires are approx. 6" length. Quartz Tube Replacement Elements  Translucent quartz as the enclosure. 5/8" diameter clear quartz envelope  Nickel-chrome alloy coiled element.
VHC-32 Variable 208/240 Volt Controller. Solid-state power control designed to provide a convenient way to adjust heat output on electric infrared heating elements. Control heaters on patios, in shelter houses or other protected outdoor environments. It can operate quartz lamps or quartz tubes up to a maximum of 3200 watts. U-Shaped Metal Replacement Elements.  .430" diameter Inconel metal sheath. Available wattages: 1800 to 4500W. Available voltages: 120 to 600V
FTC-30 30-Minute Manual Timer. Inline or connect to contactor panel. Includes time switch, wall plate and knob control. 120/208/240 Volts, 28 Max. Amps.  Recommended for a 2-1/2" deep double gang box, or installed outside using a NEMA type 3R enclosure CH Portable or Suspended Quartz Tube Assemblies. Mounted either on a two-wheel cart or suspended by chains.  120 volt with two 1000 watt quartz tubes; or 240 volt with four 1425 watt quartz tubes FHK-1 Cart: Welded steel frame. 15' grounded cordset, molded plug. Choose from a two tube (120 volt) unit (Special non-household 20 amp, 120 volt receptacle required) or four tube (240 volt) unit, mount on a two-wheel cart (FHK-1), or suspend by chains from the ceiling.
VHC-15 controller. Solid State Variable Device controls heat loads up to 15-Amps.  208/240Volt "In-Line" Controller. Built in On/Off knob switch with surface plate included. Designed for a 2" x 4" electrical wall box mounting. Can operate Quartz Tube Infrared Heaters Pre-Wired Contactor Panels, 50-300 amps, 1-6 contactors, NEMA 1 Enclosures. A contactor panel is necessary to handle the heating KW load in a given infrared installation.

170-TS Under the Desk Heater. TPI Corp./Markel/Fostoria Confined space radiant heat panel. 170 Watts, 120 Volts, 1 Phase, 580 BTU's, 6 foot long plug and cordset, 22-3/4 inch x 8 inch x 1-3/4 inch

PCH-48C Portable Quartz Infrared Heater. TPI Corp./Markel/Fostoria Spot Heater. 1500 Watts, 120 Volts, 1 Phase, 5120 BTU's, 15 foot plug and cordset, height adjust from 2 to 6 feet

Typical Infrared Uses:

  • Airplane Hangars

  • Animal Warming
    Dog Kennels
    Chicken/Pig Farrowing

  • Auditoriums

  • Auto Repair Shops

  • Baggage Rooms

  • Body Shops

  • Bowling Areas

  • Building Entrances

  • Car Washes

  • Churches

  • Construction Sites

  • Crane Cabs

  • Drive-Up Service Windows

  • Emergency Shower Areas

  • Factories

  • Farm Buildings

  • Freezer Doors

  • Golf Driving Ranges

  • Grocery Store Foyers

  • High and Low Bay Industrial Buildings

  • Hospitals
    Emergency Entrances
    Impatient Drop Off/Pick Up
    Recovery Rooms

  • Ice Rink/Field Houses

  • Inter Building Walkways

  • Isolated Service Booths

  • loading Areas/Docks

  • Canopies/Gazebos/Porticos

  • Locker Rooms

  • Open Air Restaurants

  • Outdoor Smoking Areas/Shelters

  • Parking Garage Ramps

  • Patios

  • Pump Houses/Freeze Protection

  • Quick Lube Stations

  • Recycling Stations/Plants

  • Ski Resorts

  • Snow & Ice Control

  • Soccer Arenas

  • Sports Stadiums
    Press Boxes

  • Swimming Pools

  • Tennis Courts

  • Transportation Platforms

  • Transport Shelter Buildings/Platforms

  • Walkways

  • Warehouses

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Work Stations

Fostoria Electric Infrared Heating Manual in .pdf format (32 Pages, 6.5 mb) (You must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in.)

Fostoria Limited Warranty

Explicit warranty terms and conditions of sale are available by requesting form #7-TC-5 from Fostoria Industries, Inc.


The warranty herein set forth is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, and shall not apply to any accessory not part of the product.

Fostoria Industries, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the company, of Fostoria, Ohio 44830, warrants its products to the owner against defects in material and workmanship for a twelve (12) month period under normal use and services following date of manufacture or installation when proof of such is provided to seller. The following units and parts are:

Infrared Fixtures 1 year*
Infrared Heating Elements 4 years**
Unit Suspension Heaters 1 year (Pro-Rated)
Control Panels 1 year
Thermostats 1 year
Cabinet Unit Heaters 1 year
Hazardous Location Heaters 1 year

*Only when equipped with proper Fostoria infrared heating elements.

**The 4 year Pro-Rated warranty applies only to heating elements purchased under no other warranty terms. The Pro-Rated warranty applies to normal people heating applications and seasonal (outdoor) snow/ice control applications, and does not apply to any process heating application. It is recommended to replace reflectors and end caps when replacing elements, since element life may be adversely affected by reflectors which have lost reflectivity. Failure to replace these parts may affect the Pro-Rated warranty.

Comfort Heating Guidelines from Fostoria:

Electric Infrared Comfort Heating
Spot Heating - Indoor or Outdoor

A spot heating design will maintain an isolated comfort level in a cooler area. The ambient temperature of the surrounding indoor or outdoor areas must be considered to help determine proper input to the area, but will not in turn be affected by the isolated heated area. Many times a series of spot heat areas can be incorporated within the total area to avoid maintaining a higher ambient temperature throughout the building.

Since actual ambient temperatures are not maintained, several factors involved with spot heating must be considered:

The estimator must also have the following specific information available before calculating the heating load and fixture layout:

Total Area Heating

In electric infrared heating for 'Total Area' heat design, the actual fixture layout parallels closely the approach used in a general lighting system, but without as much permissible latitude. The allowable range of air temperature people accept as "comfortable" is very limited. Deviations of a few degrees from the preferred comfort temperature greatly affect a felling of being too warm or too cold. For this reason, assumptions or rough approximations of critical factors in an indoor total heating system design must be minimized.

In electric infrared heating systems, it is important to know that air temperature can be lower than temperatures with conventional heating systems, while giving the same degree of comfort to the occupants. The reason is that much of the heating affect on the occupants comes directly from the radiant energy produced by the heating elements. The infrared system also makes the temperature of the floor and surfaces higher than the surrounding air temperature.

The function of an electric infrared 'Total Area' heating system is to supply the right amount of heat where needed to maintain a constant desired comfort level. An effective heating system brings the room surfaces and air up to temperature and holds them constant despite changes in outside air temperature or variations in heat losses. If the infrared equipment is carefully selected and properly installed (to project heat downward in a uniform distribution pattern over the floor area), excellent 'Total Area' heating efficiency can be expected.

Fostoria is a designer and manufacturer of infrared curing ovens, Sun Mite infrared comfort heating and LocalLite industrial task lighting equipment since 1917.

Areas of Specialization:
PROCESS HEATING: Engineers and manufacturers infrared ovens: powder and liquid coating, thermoforming plastics, bonding and pre-heating. Wide range of systems from coatings to computer chips.

COMFORT HEATING/IR: Industrial and commercial electric heating systems including: infrared, convection and hazardous location heaters. Free system engineering. 

SNOW & ICE CONTROL: Electric infrared snow and ice melting systems for pedestrian entryways and vehicle entrance, delivery, and parking ramps. 

INFRARED HEATING ELEMENTS: Manufacturer and distributor of all types of electric infrared heating elements for ovens and comfort heaters. Custom sizes. Application Engineering. Computerized usage tracking.

MACHINE TOOL LIGHTS: Industrial task lighting for: CNC Machining Centers, lathes, screw machines, presses, grinders, printing presses and assembly. OEM applications.

DOCK LIGHTS: Industrial dock lighting, material handling lights, dock fans. Choose from incandescent, HPS, quartz halogen or metal halide light sources. Advanced occupancy sensor controls.

METAL FABRICATION: Sheet metal punching, sheering, forming, finishing and fabrication of steel, aluminum & stainless steel components and finished electrical enclosures. Steel and aluminum spinnings.

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