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Controls, Thermostats, Rheostats and Sensors

Solaira 120/240 Volt Control for Quartz Heaters Variable Heat Controller is a weatherproof, digital, solid-state power control designed to adjust heat output from 10% to 100%. On/off switch, “SOFT START” brings the power up slowly to increase emitter life. Up/down controls with heater level shown on the LED front panel. Installation in both indoor or outdoor applications including wet environments. Controls Quartz lamps or tubes of 115- 120 VAC up to 1600 Watt, 208- 240 VAC up to 3200 Watt. Fostoria VHC-32 Variable 208/240 Volt Controller. Solid-state power control designed to provide a convenient way to adjust heat output on electric infrared heating elements. Control heaters on patios, in shelter houses or other protected outdoor environments. It can operate quartz lamps or quartz tubes up to a maximum of 3200 watts.
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Temperature Controls. Digital process temperature controls, Thermostats and Relays, Solid State Power Controls

Fostoria VHC-15 controller. Solid State Variable Device controls heat loads up to 15-Amps.  208/240Volt "In-Line" Controller. Built in On/Off knob switch with surface plate included. Designed for a 2" x 4" electrical wall box mounting. Can operate Quartz Tube Infrared Heaters
Fostoria FTC-30 30-Minute Manual Timer. Inline or connect to contactor panel. Includes time switch, wall plate and knob control. 120/208/240 Volts, 28 Max. Amps.  Recommended for a 2-1/2" deep double gang box, or installed outside using a NEMA type 3R enclosure Johnson Controls A19BAG-1 Thermostat for Portable Heaters with Extension Cord & Chain Hanger. Sturdy compact thermostat designed especially for temporary installations. 6 foot extension cord with piggyback style plug, chain mount. Range: 35 to 95°F . on/off control of portable space heaters
Columbus Electric KT-121 Thermostat.  Thermostat for Portable Heaters with Extension Cord & Hanger.  In-line thermostat. 13 Amps @ 125 VAC Res.. Temperature range -10° to 100° F, A custom designed Thermostat for automatic control of Line Voltage Systems., Bimetal sensing element provides accurate control for Heat or Cooling Systems. Snap-Action dust proof contact. Great for pets! Keep your cage at just the right temperature with this affordable in-line thermostat. ETI Snow and Ice Melting Controls and Sensors Snow Switch (Automatic Control For Snow Melting). Infrared Snow Melting Controls
APT-2 Portable Thermostat. 1200 Watt capacity.  10 amp thermostat. Plug the heater into the thermostat receptacle on the front and plug the thermostat into any 110-120VAC outlet. Snap action switching, bimetal sensing. 5' cord. "Hi-Lo" range thermoc.tif (195480 bytes)

Thermocouples, Temperature Sensors and RTD's  (Resistance Temperature Detectors). Precision Insulated Thermocouples, J, K, T and E Calibrations, Made From Special Limits of Error Wire, Available in 36 and 72" Lengths, Convenient 5-Packs

Temperature Control Panels SCR or contactor panels sized to any application. Full-featured, digital-indicating temperature and over-temperature controllers. SCR or contactor panels sized to any application. Solid state SCR control. Mechanical contactor control, 120 to 480 Volt, Up to 600 Amp , Analog and digital controllers irscan.tif (248580 bytes)

Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensors and  Scanners - remotely monitor the temperature of the material being heated or the oven temperature.

Fostoria Pre-Wired Contactor Panels, 50-300 amps, 1-6 contactors, NEMA 1 Enclosures. A contactor panel is necessary to handle the heating KW load in a given infrared installation. HBControls Solid State Relay Assemblies. DIN rail mounting configuration, SSR, Dual SSR.  SSR DIN Rail Mount to 10 Amps. Dual SSR DIN Rail Mount to 40 Amps AC. SSR DIN Rail Mount to 40 Amps . SSR DIN Rail Mount to 60 Amps. SCR Power Controller. Single Phase to 40 Amps. Stripped Wire Connection. SSR DIN Rail Mount to 40 Amps. DIN Rail Mount to 50 Amps. Current Transducers . AC Current to DC Voltage. DIN Rail Mount - 3 Phase to 40 Amps AC. SSR DIN Rail Mount to 25 Amps. SCR Power Controller Phase Angle 10-40 Amps
Variable Voltage Power Controls - 120 or 240 Volt Solid State.  Phase Angle Control, using power TRIACs. Variable Voltage Controls for Constant Resistance Loads.. Variable Voltage Control for High Inrush Variable Resistance Loads. Thermostats and Relays Wall Mounted for residential, industrial and commercial heating.  Digital Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat. Thermostat for Portable Heaters with Extension Cord & Hanger. Portable Thermostat. 120V, 1200 Watt capacity White-Rodgers 1F80-241
SHP Series Controls Solaira SHP Series Controls. For heater networks requiring greater than 15.5AMP of total draw. High Power Phase-Angle SCR Power Controls Product Range: 110-240 VAC, Single-Phase, 30, 80 , 150 and 350 amps for up to 84,000W Variable Resistance Loads for Infrared Heating Systems. cULus approved Solid State Power Controls.  SCR Power Controls. Solid State Variable Voltage Power Control with Plug and Cord Set. Variable Voltage Control for High Inrush Variable Resistance Loads. Solid State Relay Assemblies .  SCR’s and SSR's (Silicone Controlled Rectifiers) and (Solid State Relays) . Temperature Control Panels
Temperature Controllers Digital process temperature,  pressure and other process controls.  Temperature Control Panels. SCR or contactor panels. Time and Temperature Controller for electric radiant infrared saunas. 1/16 DIN Temperature Control. 1/4 DIN High/Low Digital Limit Controller. 1/4 DIN Digital Temperature and Process Controller. 1/32 DIN Digital Temperature Controller. Line Voltage Thermostat, Programmable 240V Line Voltage Thermostat. SCR’s and SSR's (Silicone Controlled Rectifiers) and (Solid State Relays) from Payne Controls Company

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