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Ceramic Infrared Heaters

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Ceramic Infrared Heaters Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heaters. Individual elements are 96% infrared energy efficient with a maximum temperature of 1292ºF (700ºC.)  Standard voltages are 120, 220, 230, 240 and 480 and standard wattages range between 150 and 1000. ALEX. Aluminum extrusion housing case pre-wired for 1-5 FTE type ceramic heaters.  The reflector is polished stainless steel.  Can be mounted in any direction, or side by side to make a larger panel.
CRP (Ceramic Radiant Panel) Our 12" x 12" stainless steel modular reflector panel with 3 LTE size ceramic heaters for a modular building block design or as a stand alone unit and can be mounted on angle iron gridwork. Custom reflectors without outer housing case holds FTE or HTE ceramic heaters end to end
Thermocouples for Ceramic Heaters. Type J and K thermocouples. Black Star Ceramic Strip Heater. Can be used as an infrared heater up to 1000°F.  Thermoforming, Air Heating, Platens,  Molds, Ovens, Sealing, Dies, Tank Heaters, Hot Plates. 1/4"-5/16"-3/8" thickness. Up to 45 watts/square inch. Minimum 4" up to any practical length
Black Star Ceramic Band Heater. Black Star Radiant Ceramic Band Heater.  When used as an infrared heater (target material in hole), it emits high efficiency infrared radiation because of the exclusive heat resistant black coating. Up to 1000°F.  Up to 480 Volts - 2" diameter and up. 1 1/2" width and up (in 1/2" increments)    

Ceramic Heater Ordering Information Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heaters

Ordering Template for Ceramic Heaters
Ceramic Infrared Heater Competitors Part Number Cross References
Becoming a Wholesale Distributor of Ceramic Heaters
Logos and Artwork
Warranty for Ceramic Heaters
Packaging of Ceramic Heaters

Technical Information:

Technical Manual Covering Forms of Infrared Heat, Radiant Emission Patterns, Panel Design, Infrared Heating Basics, Infrared Energy, Emissivity, Electromagnetic Radiation, Infrared Spectrum, Stefan-Boltzmann Law, Planck's Law, Wien's Law, Surface Temperature and Radiation Emissions, Emitter Surface Temperature, Spectral Absorption Curves, Physical Properties of Materials, Reference Data, Estimating Power Requirements, Thermoforming and Water Evaporation.
Installation Instructions
F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
Mounting in Panels and Reflectors
SWB Reflector Installation & Maintenance Instructions (product discontinued)
Building Panels and Reflectors
ALEX Reflector Installation & Maintenance Instructions
UL and CE Approval Declarations
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Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heaters
Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heaters

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